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Re: Bad E-mail setup in office. I need advice

Mihira Fernando <mihiratheace@gmail.com>:
>  If no IMAP is offered, next easiest to do is to enable the "keep mail on 
>  server" option in the POP3 settings and configure all work stations to 
>  use POP3. In ALL works stations enable the "Keep mail on server" option.

I'd like to live in Theory.  In Theory, everything works.

On the other hand, keep mail on server means every invocation of
fetchmail grabs yet another copy of the mail box, and if you've set it
up to poll every five minutes, you may find you have six thousand
copies of whatever landed in your mailbox that day.

... Like I did last week.  Let me tell you, determining how to
judiciously blow away the six thousand copies. leaving the originals,
can be an interesting problem in itself.  There may be a fetch only
new mail setting, but I've never needed it before and certainly didn't
think I'd need it.  Time to reread the manpage.

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