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Re: How do I upgrade to sid?

On 2/10/08, Dennis G. Wicks <wix@eskimo.com> wrote:
> IIRC somebody said they were running sid and had no
> problems with Iceweasel so I'm thinking that upgrading
> might be the answer to my problems.

I'm not aware of your problems, but I'm not sure if you left them
unresolved on testing or stable, you'll get them resolved in

> How do I do it? Is it as easy as

1st you must edit your apt sources, so that you remove any reference
to etch, and include references for sid or unstable.  As sid is pretty
dynamic by nature, using unstable instead of sid doesn't make a
difference when the distribution changes from one version to the
other, so I've always used unstable...

Then the rest is kind of recipy for upgrading:
         --  aptitude clean
         --  aptitude update
         --  aptitude safe-upgrade
         --  aptitude full-upgrade

You can replace the "aptitude" command by corresponding "apt-get"
ones.  You better have a satisfactory result from each step before
moving to the next.

However, do this only if you're able to spent considerable amount of
time in case of substantial changes in configurations, dependencies,
and other stuff.  As I said, just plain change of version might NOT
solve your problems at all, but I'm not able to judge that...

>    aptitude dist-upgrade ??

I thought dist-upgrade was depredicated from aptitude, but it should
be equivalente to full-upgrade.  See above...

> What do I have to change to get to sid instead of etch?
> TIA for any help!
> Dennis


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