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Re: Icewm lost! Can't reinstall

On 2008-02-09 11:49 +0100, Anthony Campbell wrote:

>> On 08 Feb 2008, Sven Joachim wrote:
>>Your mirror is not quite up to date.  You need version 4.6.1-3 of
>                                                         ^^^^^^^^
>>libgif4, where these transitional packages were added.  Since you
>>successfully downgraded imlib11 and reinstalled icewm, there is no need
>>to hurry, though.
>>The problem you encountered was triggered by the upload of imlib11
>>version 1.9.15-6, which was the first package to link against libgif4.
>>See the thread I started on
> Thanks, but this doesn't seem to be right.  I take it 4.6.1-3 is a typo
> for 4.1.6-3?

Yes, sorry.

> In that case, that's the one I was looking at, and it's the
> only such package listed on the Debian site. And it still gives the
> REMOVE message if I were to install it -- which, as you say, I won't do
> for the moment.

Hm, what command exactly do you use?  For me, "aptitude safe-upgrade"
duly installed libgif4 and upgraded imlib11 when the transitional
libungif4g package became available.


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