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Re: Iceweasel problems - 3 of 3

Ron Johnson wrote the following on 02/07/2008 08:25 AM:
> On 02/07/08 08:00, Dennis G. Wicks wrote:
>> Ron Johnson wrote the following on 02/07/2008 06:49 AM:
>>> On 02/06/08 15:06, Dennis G. Wicks wrote:
>>>> Well, this is the third of the most aggravating problems.
>>>> Iceweasel will just "go to sleep". I have clicked on a
>>>> link or pasted a url in the address bar and it is doing
>>>> nothing. It displays "STOPPED" in the status bar and
>>>> will not load any pages, either i'net or local network.
>>>> The system monitor and "top" don't show that there is
>>>> anything in particular going on and other apps have a
>>>> good, quick response.
>>>> Time cures the problem. Generally after "a while"
>>>> something breaks loose and it sort of catches up and
>>>> things work.
>>>> I have the cache disabled. It doesn't seem to make any
>>>> difference one way or the other.
>>>> Thanks for any help.
>>> Seems to me that this is a network or DNS issue, not an Iceweasel
>>> problem.
>> Ron,
>> You'd certainly think so, wouldn't you?
>> But it is only Iceweasel,on this machine, that has
>> these problems. Not Opera or Konq on this system or any
>> browser on any other system on my localnet.
>> Of course everything else on the my net that does any
>> browsing is Win 2k. The other two Debian systems are a
>> web server and and a backup/archive system.
>> Any other browsers I can try on Debian?
> link2, lynx, w3c, chimera2, epiphany, galeon, iceape, midori,
> netsurf & konqueror.
> And I'm sure I missed some.

I guess I should have said "... that aren' Mozilla
based." It seems that every browser that has Mozilla
attached to it has the problem. I haven't exhausted
your list yet, but so far that is pretty consistent.

Amaya, from W3C, seems to be a little buggy, or else it
doesn't suppport everything a "real" browser does!

So, any browsers to try that aren't Moz based?


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