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doesn't open office support (Word's) inline comments?

Given I didn't receive anything useful to a similar enquiry before
(below) but yet think that I can't be the only person doing this I'll
try one more time (or maybe I should put it in as a 'bug'/RFE?):

Essentially, MS Word has comments -- can add text with another pane (cf
footnotes) appearing listing all the added comments. 

Isn't this feature compatible with OpenOffice Writer?? I can't get it to
work :(
That is (a) there is no sep window pane at the bottom with the notes
(they do seem to appear in a hovering box if the mouse is held *exactly*
over the invisible note - but that's not very usable); (b) there seems
to be no way to edit said notes; (c) there seems to be no way to add
notes from OpenOffice (the 'comments' aren't the same thing IMHO).

Bestest of thanks, Michael
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> From: michael <cs@networkingnewsletter.org.uk>
> Subject: is it possible to work collaboratively on Word doc using
> OpenOffice?
> Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 15:49:19 +0000
> I'm flummoxed!
> I wish to add notes to a word document that I share across platforms. I
> was hoping to use OpenOffice but it doesn't seem to recognize "comments"
> that are inserted using MS Word. This seems strange (and ultra annoying)
> given one can insert 'notes' into the document under OpenOffice.
> Has anybody got an easy workaround (other than sticking VMplayer on my
> Linux box and then running MS Word under MS Windows XP)?
> Many thanks, M

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