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Re: alpine question

On Sat, 15 Dec 2007, Jude DaShiell wrote:

> I have a couple different email accounts one has pop address as
> incoming.verizon.net and another has incoming email address of
> mail.shellworld.net and the same for outgoing address.  Having had a
> look at the alpine configuration file, it doesn't appear to have a
> place to document the incoming email address be it pop or imap unless
> I'm missing something here.

Alpine has extensive online help if you use its configuration editor
(rather than editing the config file directly). I'm not quite sure from
your message, but I think you want to look at "Inbox Path" and "SMTP
Server". Go to Setup->Config, then down to either of those options, then
press "?" for the help. Both of those link to even more documentation.

>From "Server Name Syntax" (linked from the help for "Inbox Path" and
"SMTP Server"), you'll find that Alpine treats a bare server name as an
IMAP server. You can append "/POP3" to the end of the hostname to
specify POP.

- Aaron

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