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Re: SOLVED-How to configure modem

On Thu, Feb 07, 2008 at 05:11:46PM +0000, Andrius wrote:
> Just to tune a PC. The old PC was kicked off in the street about week 
> ago. It was big temptation not to leave it. A lot of stuff find a new 
> place - floppy, second hard; cdrw. And modem.
> Actually, what is possible to do with motherboard and Duron 750 Mgz 
> inside and Pc case? Back to bin?

OK.  Learning experience.

That PC should be able do almost anything.  It may not be the best for
watching movies but OTOH, with the right video card you could probably
watch DVDs.

You could provide a public service: find garbage boxes that really work
and see if there's a local charity that would like them.  Even something
like a thrift store.  You could have them all set up ready to go and
include a little booklet with the root password and what the user would
have to do to run pppconfig to connect to an ISP.


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