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Re: low-MHz server

On Sat, Feb 02, 2008 at 03:16:52PM +0100, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am 2008-01-31 08:51:08, schrieb NN_il_Confusionario:
> > The IBM I have (90MHz cpu, "carolina" motherboard) still runs woody (and
> > linux 1.4.19); I do not think it would run smoothly with etch.
> I suspect, Woody will run with a 1.4.19  :-)
> Since it was shiped with 2.2.20 and 2.4.8 (AFAIK)

a typo, it is a 2.4.19 

This is a precompiled kernel for that hardware that I found on the net
(and, nicely, starting from 2.4.19 there is no kernel problem for large
ide HDs. Moreover the powerpc architecture has no "bios" problems for
that; its openfirmware is not so dumb).

The boot floppy for the installation was 2.2.something

Woody stock (binary or source) kernels do not support that hardware.

> > I think IBM also had multiprocessor models.
> You can use the IBM Netfini (Dual P2/233 with 512 MB of memory)
> as nice mini workstations which are cheap on eBay.

I was referring to a (peculiar kind of) powerpc architecture, which the
reqester possibly dislikes since possibly OpenBSD does not run on it
(when I installed that machine in woody's times, not even NetBSD was
able to run on that hardware). 

Possibly the requester will not like also your suggestion since the
request was to stay below 200 MHz.

Chi usa software non libero avvelena anche te. Digli di smettere.
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Informatica=bomba: intelligente solo per gli stupidi che ci credono.

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