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Re: Colours in VIM-AbiWord

Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Mon February 4 2008, Ron Johnson wrote:
AbiWord is much lighter & smaller than OOo.
I saw AbiWord when I installed ... another distro ( Pu..y ...)
but I never used it. is abiword just a word processor, as opposed to a full suite, like OO ?? does it do .DOC conversion? smaller & lighter normally means less features. But I really don't use THAT many features of OO..

Abiword is a word processor and very competent.
It will take in Word Docs and process modify them, but I find that saving everything as RTF means that anybody can open them no matter what processor they use. Gnumeric is all you need for spreadsheeting - install all the optional extras, plugins, doc files, etc., and the combination of both of them are all that a small office requires for the majority of work.

If you need something to handle presentation work, install Scribus.

I also use Xfig to create process control, haccp charts, etc.

Everything loads quickly and no functionality is lost, at least, not any that 98% of the population would require.


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