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Re: [OT] Iran to attack my Browser??

Александър Л. Димитров wrote:
Seriously, this is quite odd...

take a look at the following two screenshots of Iran's ministry of foreign
affair's site:


Sorry to link you to some image-hosting site, but the screenshots are
neccessary... as you can see, Opera displays this site quite fine, while Firefox
(3 beta) goes paranoid, suspecting incoming attacks from the Middle East.

What's up with that? Has Mozilla Corp. gone Republican? ... I doubt it.
What's more likely is that someone over at stopbadware.org (on which Firefox'
paranoid attacks seem to be based on) has made a joke. I doubt that an official
server of the Iranian government could distribute malware (just look at the
address: www.mfa.gov.ir

Opens just fine with Iceweasel/ (Debian-


- and no, it's not a Windows server accidentially
infected with viruses. As you all now, Iran's not allowed to buy or use Windows)

So my question is: how do I disable FF's 'badware'-check? I'm not afraid of
nobody! I'm only using the vimperator and AdBlock extensions to Firefox, so this
should not be the cause...

Thanks, and sorry to post something this off-topic, but since it _does_ contain
at least one technical question...


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