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Re: Colours in VIM-AbiWord

On Feb 4, 2008 9:38 AM, Paul Cartwright <ale@pcartwright.com> wrote:
> On Mon February 4 2008, Ron Johnson wrote:
> > AbiWord is much lighter & smaller than OOo.
> I saw AbiWord when I installed ... another distro ( Pu..y ...)
> but I never used it. is abiword just a word processor, as opposed to a full
> suite, like OO ??
> does it do .DOC conversion? smaller & lighter normally means less features.
> But I really don't use THAT many features of OO..

Abiword is just a word processor, and it does work with .doc, although
I don't know how well compared to OOo. It has more than enough
features for me, but I don't use it much mainly because it doesn't save
as .odt by default.

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