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SUCESS: Grub2 on Dell Opteron GX270

To whom it may concern;

Machine :    Dell Optiplex 270 server
                   Intel P4 2.8GHz (non HT)
                   1G PC2700 Memory
                   Onboard Intel Gb ethernet adapter
                   Onboard Intel Extreme 8x AGP graphics controller
                   40 G Western Digital Harddrive

OS's:  Debian kernel image 2.6.22-2
         Debian kernel image 2.6.22-3
         Win XP Pro SP3

Reason: Trying to build and install Xen 3.2.1 as a replacement for the Debian kernel images above.

Successfully used the current GParted boot CD to re-partition the disk to 13 G for WinXP and 27 G for some Linux variant (using Ext3). While trying to install Debian stable from either the current Debian Netinst or the full stable CD's, Grub and Lilo would not install to the MBR. It appears that some Dell bios or ACPI issue prevents this, Thus, the workaround. I was able to install Lilo from a boot CD to get both OS's to boot, then, installed the Debian current Lilo package once the installation was
complete and I booted into the new Linux installation.

I wanted to test the current XEN kernels either from a Debian package or Xensource package but found from the requirements that XEN needs grub not Lilo. I decided to try Grub2 from the Lenny distribution (which I am currently on) and all stages installed successfully. A config file edit(add) for chainloading Windows was required in /etc/grub.d to get grub-update to see the Win XP installation.

I have yet to do the 'make install' of the XEN enabled kernel I was finally able to build. That will be the next step when I verify I have all the elements for success (I"ve got to build an initrd for one).


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