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Re: MD5 calculation problem

On Sun, Feb 03, 2008 at 09:29:34PM +0000, J D Anderson wrote:
> Is there any special method to calculate an MD5 checksum from a down
> loaded .iso image ? : I've downloaded from a number of mirror sites but
> when I try to calculate the MD5 it never matches the one's officially
> quoted - I get consistent MD5 where ever I download from but they never
> match the official value. I think I'm missing someting.

Where are you getting the official value?

There should be an MD5SUMS file in the same directory as the .iso.  Edit
a copy of that file to remove all references to files which you did not
download, then run

$md5sum -c [md5file]

and see what result you get.

If you continue to get the same problem, there could be somthing in your
setup (or anywhere along the net from your screen to the server with the
iso) that is messing up.  

I'm on dialup.  I get this all the time: ftp didn't append right and I
get the right size with one block wrong.  Drove me batty untill I
discovered rsync.

Find an rsync server (check the mirrors page) and find the right file,
get it to download it (with the same file name) to the directory where
the .iso is.  rsync will spend some time going through your .iso file
block by block comparing check sums with the rysnc server.  It will then
just download replacement blocks as necessary.


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