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Re: GTK+ E-mail App on par with Mutt?

Quoth Michael Pobega:
> I'm finally taking the plunge from full CLI to using an X server, and in
> place of Mutt I've been using Evolution; But Evolution is nowhere near
> as good as Mutt, with threading/speed/customizability (And to boot I
> can't even use GViM as my editor!).

I'd suggest you just go on using mutt. When I recently switched back to Debian I
had a short GNOME-revival because it got installed by default. But... what can I
say, it sucked a lot, I missed a *lot* of the functionality I'm used to and had
to roll back to using XMonad and consoles. Still using mutt, even on X. Mutt is
just the best client out there, you won't find anything comparable - except
maybe Sylpheed Claws. It's not as customizable, but good nevertheless and quite
speedy for a GTK app. (And it lets you use vim).


BTW: is there any X-toolkit to implement vi-keybindings/modes in any of its
input widgets? Would love to see something like this.

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