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Re: Tbird kb shortcuts (was Re: GTK+ E-mail App on par with Mutt?)

On 03/02/2008, Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote:
> Last month I tried KMail/KDE for a couple of weeks, because of how
> the GNOME people have their heads stuck up MSFT's ass.

You haven't seen KDE4 (vista clone) yet. Sad, sad times we are in.

> But couldn't stand it.  The keyboard shortcuts wouldn't do what I
> want them to do (even after considerable customization).

What did you want them to do? Kmail, and KDE in general, is very customizable.

> So I went back to Icedove & GNOME.

Icedove & Gnome? Is that a new Norwegian metal band? :)

Dotan Cohen


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