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Re: Problem with console and locales

On Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 21:03:30 -0200, Andres Migliazzo wrote:


> I have a similar question... I'm wondering if is doable to set up your
> debian system in English and read special characters (like á-ú,ñ) in the tty
> console.

Yes, that is possible. You need an English locale that allows you to
encode these characters and a font that contains the necessary symbols.

>          I'm a TeX user and use to do a spelling check using aspell (#aspell
> -t -c file.tex --lang=es), but when I've to do texts in Spanish I'm not able
> to see the special characters because it's not supported by my system. For
> instance, instead of  "Córdoba" you see "C rdoba), and when you use a file
> parser like more, you see funny characters in "ó" place.

The missing character in "C rdoba" suggests that your tty font does not
have the "ó" symbol. If you see more than one strange character in
"more" then you might furthermore have a mix-up between iso-8859-1 and
utf-8 encoding.

> Does anyone have a clue how to set up my system to achieve this?

Which locale do you use at the moment? Run "locale" to find out. I use
"en_US.UTF-8" and the console-setup package in combination with the
console-terminus fonts.

These are my settings in /etc/default/console-setup:




This gives me access to all the special characters used in Spanish, as
well as to other symbols (e.g. "ø") by means of the right-Windows key
which acts as a "compose" key. Of course, characters like ñ, ¿, ¡, º,
etc. can be entered directly by using their dedicated keys.

If you prefer to have "dead" accent keys (most of my Spanish colleagues
seem to like this configuration) then you can omit the XKBVARIANT=...
line. If you also use X on that machine then it is probably the best to
use the same keyboard configuration as under X. (The console-setup
configuration accepts the same definitions as the keyboard section of

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