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Re: Getting started with Xen -- Xen enabled kernel for Lenny?

Michael D. Norwick wrote:
Michael D. Norwick wrote:
Rick Thomas wrote:
I'm trying to get started with Xen.

Still trying to build a Xen kernel with or without the dfsg. Found this though;


Still trying to compile a XEN enabled kernel and got somewhat farther. Taking hints from a blog on building xen 3.2 specifically I found


Unfortunately, I did not bookmark the initial page that linked to the mercurial cheatsheet above. It essentially said that the xen 3.2 stable source build was broken and that in order to get it to build correctly it recommended downloading the whole 'testing' repository source tree using the command;

$> hg clone http://xenbits.xensource.com/xen-3.2-testing.hg

I wondered where hg was (I knew it was the symbol for mercury) as I did not have that particular program installed. It turns out that the xen project uses mercurial as a revision control system and that program needed to be installed in order to clone the project source tree. Now I have cvs, subversion AND mercurial. Using;

$> sudo apt-get install mercurial

brought in mercurial along with python 2.5 and friends. I was then able to run the hg command and download the 'testing (3.2.1)' source tree. I thought I had all the tools necessary to build xen a week ago but, apparently not. The build is running now and I can relate the rest of the story if anyone is interested. I would also like to try 'make world' on the xen-3.2 directory to see if I just needed tools which were not spelled out in the 'README'. I've used up a lot of bandwidth (sorry!) at kernel.org getting linux 2.6.18 several times and still will need to resolve;

1. The kernel xen-3.2 uses, appears to be set at linux-2.6.18 and trying to use a more recent kernel version appears troublesome. 2. Building distribution packages are documented on RedHat, Ubuntu, and CentOS, but debian will require some study (and I don't know if I care
    about running xen from a .deb).


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