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Create MNG from PNGs (SOLVED)

> Hello,
> Does anyone know of a good application to create an MNG-file from a set of
> PNG files?
> Imagemagick uses an extremely large amount of memory for this, maybe it
> decomresses all the PNGs to RAM at the same time. At any rate, that makes
> it unusable for me, given the number of PNG files I have. E.g. with 300
> 640x480 PNG files imagemagick uses over 600MB to create an MNG. In
> addition, I cannot play it with the "animate" commmand, since that uses
> above 900MB, and the process is then automatically killed on my computer
> (1GB RAM). I can, however, display it with the "showimg" package. I want to
> do this with much more than 300 images, so imagemagick cannot be used for
> this on my computer.
> I tried the "advancecomp" package, but that didn't work on my PNGs, which
> are created with PLplot. I was very hopeful about this program, because it
> supports a fancy MNG mode where only differences between frames are encoded
> (I have an animated plot with lots of constant parts).
> I have not been able to find out if GIMP can create an MNG from set of
> PNG-files through the Gimp Animation Plugin.
> Any ideas?

I managed to make FLC animations which were very good, but they were a bit 
large. Then I found that if I use the 8bit PNG option in PLplot, I can use 
the advancecomp tools, i.e. advmng, to generate an MNG file. I don't need 
more colours, so I am quite happy with that. This file is much smaller, since 
MNG has good compression and it also only updates the differences between 
consecutive frames.

Example: 74 frames of 640x480 8bit PNGs from my simulation (some polygons 
moving around in a mostly black page with a box around and som text here and 

FLC: 1.1MB and MNG: 360KB.

Best regards,
Torquil Sørensen

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