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Thinkpad T61 Power Management

I installed Debian Sid on a new Thinkpad T61, and running into some
issues in regard to power management:

I am running kernel 2.6.24-1-amd64. I installed the tp-smapi-modules
through synaptic, and added the user to the "powerdev" group to enable
'suspend" mode.

1. When I press the "suspend" button, it exits out of the gnome
session, the screen goes into console, it shows that it is disabling
the wlan, suspends for a few seconds, then flickers, and gets back
into gnome session right away under the same logged in user, instead
of putting the laptop in suspend mode.

2. When running on battery, the Gnome Power Manager applet is unable
to read the battery status, the message reads: "battery discharge time
is currently unknown".

3. Has anyone been able to get the integrated camera on the Thinkpad
t61 to work? Ekiga showes no device, and Camorama cannot connect to /
dev/video0 (theer is no video0 under /dev).

Aside from those 3 issues, Debian Sid is running great on this laptop.
But I am going to be on the road very soon with it, so any help would
be greatly appreciated.


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