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Diego Antonio Lucena Pumar wrote:
> Hi list:
> On first time, sorry for my english, is very poor.
> I can't run asp.net on my Debian Etch. I process to install the
> following packages; 
>> apt-get install mono-xsp2 libapache2-mod-mono mono
> So, when y can look in my browser the page, the server return the page
> for download (the code). For example I can look the box to download my
> file xxxx.aspx, no process the page with mono. Why?
> Regards, Diego Antonio Lucena Pumar
Make sure that you have enabled the apache module. Basically its a symlink
/etc/apache2/mods-available -> /etc/apache2/mods-enabled. There's a command
for it too, a2enmod or a2moden. Something like that. Reload/restart the server
to make the change effective.

Juha Tuuna

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