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Re: su doesn't work "Authentication failure"

On Feb 1, 2008 1:10 PM, Dennis G. Wicks <wix@eskimo.com> wrote:
> What should I be worried about and start looking for?
> BTW, nobody can get access to my system unless they
> break into my house, and that hasn't happened. I even
> did a reinstall of the login package just to make sure
> the above was right!
If the md5 actually doesn't match, it could be that the file has been
damaged or somebody has managed to break into your computer and
replace `su` with another file. I think that's what he meant by really
worried. Even if it's your home computer, it doesn't mean that
malicious groups can't hack in and take control over your computer.
(In that case, your computer setup is probably not secure and you'd
want to look into it.)


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