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Re: compiz + xfce4 on stable (etch) [Was: new user question: debian on a Thinkpad T61]

On Jan 30, 2008 5:07 PM, Jimmy Wu <jimmywu013+debian@gmail.com> wrote:
> I sort of have this working, there's a few more things I have to take care of.
> First, how do I add an entry in gdm  to run compiz instead of xfwm4?
> I tried to use the method of putting a .desktop file in
> /usr/share/xsessions, pointing to a script in which I run
> nvidia-settings -l &
> compiz --replace &
> gtk-window-decorator --replace &
> This doesn't work however.  I've attached my .xsession-errors file.
> Secondly, is there some sort of compiz settings gui in debian etch?  I
> couldn't find one, and the only thing I have available is
> gconf-editor, which is usable but difficult.  For example, I wanted to
> turn off the wobbly plugin but I have yet to find the gconf entry that
> will let me do that.

I haven't gotten that many responses, but here's what I plan to do
barring future suggestions.
(1) About configuring compiz - I'll stick with gconf.  It's not the
easiest to use, but certainly easier than dealing with mixed systems.
(BTW, I did find the gconf key that controls which plugins are loaded,
eventually :-) )

(2) About having a gdm entry to start a compiz + xfce4 session on
login.  I haven't figured out how to do this yet (I think I will have
to do more reading / looking around in my x startup scripts).  In the
meantime, I cheated and am getting about the same functionality with
the xfce4-session manager.

(3) A third thing I've noticed is a problem with autohidden panels.  I
have two - one on the left and one on the bottom.  The bottom one
works fine, but whenever I have compiz running, the one on the left
ignores the mouse pointer and absolutely refuses to come out of

Jimmy Wu
Registered Linux User #454138

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