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Re: Question about - "The following packages have been kept back:"

On Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 08:08:58PM +0100, Robert Cates wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've got a general question concerning apt-get - what would be the reason(s)
> for the below message when I upgrade my packages? 

That message mean that a newer version of the package is available but
for some reason it won't be installed. Usually it's because some
dependency hasn't been upgraded yet. For whatever reason your system
is in a state that prevents that package from being upgraded. You can
usually tell by looking at the packages dependencies and compare them
to what is currently installed.

> Do I need to do an
> apt-get upgrade again at a later time, or is there something I need to do
> right away to get it to install?

you could dist-upgrade -- that allows more aggressive package handling
to avoid these issues. 

>  I somehow was wondering if it's because
> the package maintainer does not have the package quite ready for an
> upgrade.

no. likely some dependency isn't quite ready and thus hasn't been
released yet.

> The following packages have been kept back:
>   linux-image-2.6-686

hmmm... I'm not sure what would keep a kernel from upgrading. I've not
seen that in my recollection. 


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