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Re: dist-upgrade problem (was Re: /etc/modutils/0keep: line 9: keep: command not found)

tom arnall wrote:
On Sunday 20 January 2008 17:49, Marty wrote:
tom arnall wrote:
> besides my home directory, what else should i think about backing up?

I would back up etc as well.

Come to think of it, I might also grab var, and maybe run dpkg-query and save the output, to make reinstallion easier.

> what would be the advantage of 'rsync'?

It makes perfect copies of directory trees.

is there a problem with 'cp -R' in this respect? (it is how i do my regular backups. not good ;o( ? )

You probably want "cp -a", but that's not quite as good. It doesn't preserve all metadata (including, most annoyingly for me, directory access times).

I usually do something like this:

rsync -avxHD /etc/ /mnt/<backup-device>/backup/etc/

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