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Re: dist-upgrade problem (was Re: /etc/modutils/0keep: line 9: keep: command not found)

On Sun, Jan 20, 2008 at 02:46:31PM -0500, Marty <martyb@ix.netcom.com> was heard to say:
> tom arnall wrote:
>> i attempted the distr-upgrade and after i rebooted did:
>> kloro@debian:~$ uname -r
>> so i did the distr-upgrade again. following is the session output. '31 
>> not fully installed or removed.' is where it gets interesting:
>> kloro@debian:~$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
> It was doomed from the start.  apt-get does not have the intelligence, as 
> do the apt front ends, essential for all but the most trivial upgrades.  
> Of those I can only vouch for personal favorite, dselect.

  His problems don't have anything to do with the package manager from
what I've read -- they have to do with wacked out permissions in /etc,
and possibly not having the standard set of etch packages installed (e.g.,
it sounds like he probably doesn't have linux-image-$ARCH on the system).


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