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Re: [OT]FF beta2: not so good...

Hello Hugo,

Quoth Hugo Vanwoerkom:
> Hi,
> With FF beta2 my use of FF instead of Iceweasel ends.

You may want to try beta3 then.

> Beta2 is a major pain: it dies while trying to use backspace on the URL  
> bar and can't submit the crash report. Then going back to beta1 my  
> bookmarks toolbar got wiped out + no fiddling would restore it.

Well, that's it with betas - YMMV. For me, it has been _incredibly_ stable -
much more so than Opera's Kestrel. And it's really lighter and faster compared
to FF2. Only minimally heavier than Opera. With browsers, it's just the same as
with MUAs: All {browsers,MUAs,OSs} suck. This one just sucks less.

> Using Iceweasel everything is back to normal and I got Java back again.

Well, when this is what you want, I guess it's fine, isn't it? :-)

> Was fun while it lasted and they sure warn you that those beta's are for  
> testing only.

I'm using a lot of betas on my system - kernel is often rc-something (or even mm
if I want to try something specific), and my WM is directly from the upstream
repository (XMonad - sid still hasn't bumped the version to 0.5, a shame,
considering the fact that 0.5 is a lot better than 0.4 and carries major
improvements). And everything is rock-solid - even under heavy load (which
occurs, every now and then).


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