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Syncing mail with a PalmOs device


I want to sync mail between a Debian box and a PalmOs device (Centro).
I'd prefer to use something in Debian, but jpilot-mail has been removed
[0], and pilot-mailsync [1] doesn't appear to be in Debian (it also
seems to have been abandoned by upstream).  There's SyncMail for
PilotManager [2]; I don't know if it's in Debian, and in any event it
also seems abandoned; it doesn't seem to have been updated since 2000.

I may just try building pilot-mailsync from source.  Does anyone have
any advice?

What I really am trying to accomplish is the sending and receiving of
email from and to my Debian box via the net connected Centro, by
writing and reading the mail on the Debian box and syncing with the
Centro for transmission. [This is actually the opposite of what most
mail syncing conduits are apparently designed to do; they seem to have
been written for PDAs that have no net connection, and the transfers
are generally in the opposite direction, but I haven't yet experimented
to see if they can be usefully reversed.]  Is there a better way to do
this?  The carrier's (Sprint) TOS don't allow me to tether the phone or
use it as a modem (without paying substantially more for its
phone-as-modem (PAM) plan), even if it is technically possible, but I
believe that my idea would not violate the TOS.  Is there a better way
to do what I want?

[0] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=332636
[1] http://www.garcke.de/PMS/
[2] http://syncmail.sourceforge.net/

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