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Re: PPPoE Server IP assignation issue

Jean-Louis Crouzet wrote:
Hi all,

I installed a PPPoE server and it's up and running. I added users for those tunnels and my defaulted Eth. interface is not configured to any IP address.

If I run

#pppoe-server -L -R -N 2

I can have my client (i.e. for test a PPPoE client from MSFT Windows) get a working connection but only if I used the noauth option. Otherwise even if the authentification succeed; I checked with a Wireshark capture the IP assignation fail. I might have to do something special for those userq to be able to change the IP but I have no real idea on what to do.

Any recommendation?

Thanks and have a great year ending period.


Found my problem
Need to add in pap-secrets file for inbound connections:
user	*	password	*


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