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Re: debian how-to

On Tue, Jan 08, 2008 at 10:17:23AM -0800, Carl Johnson wrote:
> You can use dwww to view man pages and info in a web browser, as well
> as the other documentation.  That allows you to search using the
> browser capabilities (using / for w3m), although it doesn't supply the
> TOC, index or hyperlinks.  I usually prefer man pages directly with
> less as my pager, but sometimes dwww also works well.

If you have the whole groff installed, you can use man -H to get that,
but again I don't think you get hyperlinks.

> Info pages are almost unusable for me, but the html view in dwww makes
> them almost bearable.  The problem with info pages is that they are a
> book format, so it is difficult for quick lookup.  They have a TOC and
> index, but they seem to index things in ways that I find almost
> incomprehensible, so I usually end up having to page though everything
> before I find what I want.  Since they are multiple pages, that means
> that having to hunt down every link to try to find all of the pages.

Agreed, I hate info more than man, even with pinfo.


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