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DVD image download issue Opera, Konqueror, and Firefox/iceweasel

i've been trying to download the DVD images from


every attempt had the images giving me an error on the
download after aproximately 24% completion (DVD 1
errors at 24% every time, other images are within a
percentage or two), resuming the download has only
given me an image which does not match the md5 sum.
Downloads attempted through Opera, Konqueror, and
Firefox/iceweasel all on a 5MB cable connection. i
can't wget the images due to a space issue on my end.
need them to go do an install on a computer w/o a good

anyway i was able to get all the cd iso's to download
just fine (and all at one time) so it doesn't seem to
be a bandwidth issue, and i am finding nothing on
google (though i may have missed it skimming through)


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