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Re: Anyone run nvidia driver + latest xorg 7.3?

On 01/05/08 08:40, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

I am getting an X server crash after upgrading xorg on Sid to 7.3:


Just to report back: I resolved this by installing:

I had to change 1 item to enable running it on 2.6.23-1-686:

line 529 should be:
        kmem_cache = kmem_cache_create(name, sizeof(type),      \
                        0, 0, NULL);                            \

What file?

That solved the problem of the backleveled ABI *and* the moving cursor that I reported in:


Thanks everyone for offering suggestions. In the meantime I took Ron Johnson's suggestion and asked my daughter to bring me 2 GeForce series 6 cards, when she comes down.

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

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because I hate vegetables!"

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