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Re: microfocus

On 01/04/08 18:50, Chris Parker wrote:
On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 21:44 -0600, Ron Johnson wrote:

On 01/03/08 20:07, Chris Parker wrote:
Has anyone ported Microfocus Cobol to Debian?  It is presently running
on a SCO system.  I see that it is available for Suse and Red Hat, why
not Debian?
Linux is Linux, all the distros use glibc, ncurses, etc, etc.  So if
you install alien, why shouldn't it work?

But... since MF charges Big Bucks, and probably only supports RH &
SuSE, that's what I'd run it on.  And try it on CentOS before
spending more Big Bucks on RHAS licenses.

Thanks.  The Microfocus Cobol is a tar file.  We do not have an rpm to
alien.  The install script has to be played with and faked some.  we are
in the process of doing that.  It was originally installed on SCO Unix.

Run SCO binaries on Linux?

Am I misunderstanding you?

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

"I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals, I'm a vegetarian
because I hate vegetables!"

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