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Re: what's the hold up on making the 3.1r7 and 4.0r3 iso's?

Le Thursday 03 January 2008 02:57:27 Rick Thomas, vous avez écrit :
> Franz Pop wrote:
> > This is a known issue that _has_ already been fixed, but only when new
> > images will be built, which has been delayed because of hardware
> > issues
> > with the machine that does that.
> Is this the reason why the installer iso's for 3.1r7 and 4.0r3 are
> delayed?
> Any idea when they will be available?
> Thanks!
> Rick

Etch's one are available here :

Note that the last release is 4.0r2 not 4.0r3.

For Sarge, I don't know where to find isos.

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