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Re: Java JDK install hangs.

On 03/01/2008, Steven Jones <plewto@gmail.com> wrote:
> Im new to Debian but have several years Fedora experience.  I have a
> fresh Debian installation (Debian 40r4 net install) to which I am
> trying to add sun-java5-jdk_1.5.0-10-3_i386.deb using dpkg -i.    The
> problem starts when I'm asked to agree to the license.  At the bottom
> of the license text is an "OK" button. Presumably I'm to select it but
> it isn't active.  No matter what I've tried I am unable to get past
> this screen.
> Having no other alternatives I aborted the install. Running dpkg
> --audit shows Java as half installed and suggest the package be either
> removed or reinstalled.  Trying to remove it producese an error that
> it must be installed first.....    So I can neither install it
> properly or remove it, any suggestions?
> Thanks in advance.

I'm assuming your being displayed an ncurses style OK button:

Hit "Tab" to change the focus to the button, incidentally all of the
Debian text based installers behave the same way for future reference.


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