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Re: Recommended way to upgrade from Sarge to Etch

Jonathan Wilson wrote:
Please excuse the dumb question, but:

Is this still the recommended way to upgrade from Sarge to Etch?:


That page makes it out like using aptitude is somehow better than apt-get. I've never used aptitude, only apt-get, I'm quite comfortable with all the apt-* tools. It apt-get dist-upgrade just as good?



The aptitude interface -especially with the integrated 'help', is far from hard to get on top of, but how I used to do it is:

'aptget update'
'aptget upgrade'

Then change your sources list in /etc/apt/sources.list through an editor, then:

'aptget update'
'aptget -u dist-upgrade'

That should do it.

David Palmer
Linux User - #352034

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