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Re: Galeon R.I.P?

Angus Auld wrote:
--- ZephyrQ <zephyrq@earthlink.net> wrote:

big snip>>
	Just played with Opera for a while.  I was
impressed. Not afraid to pay $ for it if it can hold up to everyday usage (heck, considering how much $ I **don't** pay for software, dropping a few bucks here and there for a program worth it feels good...).

	Now I just have to make sure it handles .pdf stuff
right (work requirement).
Pay for it??? Opera doesn't ask for money
anymore....unless you wish to donate to their cause.
Considering how they have been pushing back against
ms's BS, maybe we should all donate. ;)

I really like Opera, and inspite of some difficulties
having to do with plugins, I haven't found a browser that I am as satisfied with as theirs. The Wand feature is a real winner for me, as well as Speed Dial.
If you are adventureous, and want to try Opera beta
releases, go here:


Opera 9.50 promises to be even better. :)

Like I said, I really like Opera.

Heh, been out of the 'latest-greatest' game for a while. I guess I still thought Opera was a 'for pay' proposition. Imagine my surprise when I didn't see any ads and/or a shareware notice come up while playing with it.

I'm setting it up as my new browser now--a long term project as I have decided that I won't import my bookmarks (8+ years of bookmarking has left my bookmarks, well, bloated. I google everything now anyway...) and will just transfer sites/passwords as necessary.

Dumb question, if I want a folder of bookmarks on my personal toolbar, can I change the icon from a folder to something else? If so, how? I couldn't find how to do it yet.

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