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Re: Galeon R.I.P?

Ron Johnson wrote:
On Dec 29, 2007 8:50 AM, ZephyrQ <zephyrq@earthlink.net> wrote:
With all the news of Netscape 'fading off' into mozilla and its ilk, is
does anyone know if Galeon is ever going to be updated?  I've tried
FireFox/etc. and there are a couple of things I've not be able to

Tabs...on the -right- hand side.  After using Galeon for **years**, I
miss this and the 'tab' plug-in only lets me put tabs on the

Quickloading of pages.  I don't know if this is a Galeon thing, but side
by side with IceWeasel Galeon loads pages *much* faster.
    Thanks for this, but I remember when Epiphany was developed...to be
a 'simpler, kinder' browser.  Unfortunately, every time I use it, I miss
the ability to tweak it (again, I've used the same settings for Galeon
for 5+ years...).

    Thanks for all the input.  I'm trying to play with IceWeasel now to
make it suit my needs, but I will look at Opera to play with it.

Change is hard...

IMO, GNOME/Gtk apps seem to feel[*] like Windows apps.  Some will
think that's Bad, but because I need to have a Windows PC right next
 to my Linux box, that's a Good Thing.  If GNOME had a more complete
and full-featured "control center" and Miguel de Icaza didn't have
his ass half-way up Bill Gates' ass, it would be the perfect DE for
someone who wants to *use* a computer instead of constantly fiddle
with it.

[*] Except that GNOME/Gtk apps know how to multi-thread, and don't

Just played with Opera for a while. I was impressed. Not afraid to pay $ for it if it can hold up to everyday usage (heck, considering how much $ I **don't** pay for software, dropping a few bucks here and there for a program worth it feels good...).

Now I just have to make sure it handles .pdf stuff right (work requirement).

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