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Re: Re: compatibility problems

On Fri, Dec 28, 2007 at 03:32:15PM -0800, Don Harwood wrote:
> yes i downloaded the net install cd on my friends dialup
> this week end i hope to try my first bootup, i wont get the dsl installed
> until next year so i wont be able to get the full package until then my
> fingers are crossed

Get your friend to download the debian-installer manual, and the
debian-reference manual (available from the website in tarballs or as
.debs).  Read them while you're waiting for the DSL box so you know how
to set up networking from and editor.  The hardware (IP, netmask, etc)
is set up in /etc/network/interfaces, with your ISP's nameserver in a
dns-nameserves line, the box's hostname in /etc/hostname.

Anyway, you can ask here for answers when you have difficulties.  If you
are new to linux and won't be setting up everything at once in the
installer (and perhaps if you do too), you will have some problems that
are easy to fix with a bit of help.


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