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Re: XDMCP question

Hüvely Balázs wrote:
Hi All!

I have a problem with XDMCP. It's works fine, i can connect it to XDMCP remote server, but i cannot disconnect from the session...
I only able to log out, and re-login.

How can I make detachable XDMCP sessions like in windows remote desktop.
I do not think that is possible.

Another example that i created VNC server, it's also works fine, but i need to login to gdm, and after i'm able to connect to it via the internet. The only problem is: after I restart the server, i cannot connect to it, because vnc don't accept connections until I re login locally...
how can I make working vnc, to handle login and logout too?

Add the commands to start the vncserver to /etc/rc.local so that it will be started when the system starts.

I think the most secure way to start gui applications on the remote host is through ssh. Use "ssh -X <host>" to enable X11 forwarding.

Raj Kiran

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