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Re: fglrx: openGL broken for screen width greater than 1760 pixels (bug #450426)

On 23 Dec 2007, Erik Steffl wrote:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=450426
> Since fglrx-driver 8.42.3-2 most of the openGL screen (either full screen 
> or windowed) is corrupted when the width of the openGL window is more than 
> 1760 pixels.
>   The way it looks: top of the window (1/4 or so) looks OK, the rest of the 
> screen is mostly obscured, i.e. some polygons are visible but the screen is 
> mostly black.
>   system:
>   ATI Technologies Inc Radeon R350 [Radeon 9800 Pro] (using the secondary 
> monitor in two monitor setup, primary is off)
>   fglrx-driver-8.42.3-2, fglrx-driver-8.43.2-2 (both have same problem)
>   any ideas? didn't find exactly the same problem on the net (found the one 
> about the corruption of lower right corner which is much different symptom 
> than the problem I have)
>   given that this is openGL problem don't think that open drivers would 
> help, they seem to not offer much 3D acceleration (and radeonhd says it 
> works with R500/R600 only)
>   any ideas?
>   TIA,
> 	erik

After the last upgrade of the fglrx-driver (8.44.3-1 from Debian Sid) my
Thinkpad with a Mobility Radeon X1400 would no longer produce the
maximum resoltion. I purged it and installed the previous version from
the ATI site to restore things. The RadeonHD driver doesn't work properly
for me; it also gives lower resolution and my xterms are corrupt, with
a double cursor which makes them unusable.


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