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Re: amarok hangs

Christof Hurschler wrote:

>> I'm running 1.4.7.-1.b1.
> Then I'm not the only one that is suffering.  I've seldom been so amazed
> by a program, and also frustrated.  I started with the etch version (of
> both amarok and my system), had to move up to lenny, to among other things
> get my wlan working.
> anyone know if the etch version is really stable?
> Chris
Hi Chris,
I don't think you have to go as far back as Etch. I'm running Lenny
(2.6.22-3-686) with Amarok 1.4.6-1 and have no problems with it crashing.
In fact, it has never crashed. I haven't tried 1.4.7.-1 yet (I will when it
gets to Lenny) but afaict 1.4.6 is as stable as it can be.
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