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Send stderr to variable, but send stdout to screen?

I have an error handling function that traps, reports and exits on an error.
My problem is that I want to do all of that and I want to still see stdout.

Can anyone help with this? Here is the function. If I change sources.list to
have an invalid source it reports, but I do not see the progress when there
is no error.


	# R1040 error handling
	function run()
	    # Don't abort on errors
	    set +e
	    # Capture STDERR to ERR
	    ERR=$($CMD 2>&1)
	    # Capture return value from command
	    # re-enable abort-on-errors
	    set -e

	    return $RETVAL

	function errhandler()
		echo "********** ERROR DETECTED in $CMD **********" | tee -a
		echo "********** Error reported was \"$ERR\"" | tee -a
		echo "Exiting script abnormally. The error above was
reported in log at $logfile"
		exit 1

	trap errhandler ERR
	run 'apt-get update'
	# should not get past this on error
	echo "no"

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