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Re: OT: Socket A motherboard

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> On 12/03/07 19:16, Sam Leon wrote:
>> Jacob S. wrote:
>>> Howdy list,
>>> Sorry this is a bit OT, but the motherboard just died in one of my
computers. I was hoping to simply replace it, since I do not have
>>> money to build a new computer right now. But, I can't find any good
sources for a socket A motherboard w/SATA (the computer currently has
>>> Athlon XP 2200+ in it).
>>> So, does anybody know of a reliable source for a decent socket A
motherboard? Newegg.com and zipzoomfly.com don't have anything that
>>> the criteria. :-(
>> I don't think anyone makes socket A cpu's or motherboards anymore. Your
best bet would be ebay.  My nf7-s v2 is holding up quite well. :)

Yea, that's exactly why I was asking on the list. I was hoping maybe
somebody would know of a store with some old inventory or something weird
like that.

> And *none* will have SATA.

Well, my socket A motherboard that just died has 4 SATA ports on it.
Unless you meant SATAII, as somebody else already suggested.


[Sorry for the private reply on the first try, Ron. I'm using webmail
while my main computer is dead.]

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