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Re: mount USB drive at boot: fsck failure

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On 12/03/07 16:39, Bogart Salzberg wrote:
> Dear Debian Users,
> I partitioned and installed an ext3 filesystem on an external 250 GB
> Western Digital USB 2.0 drive. It mounts OK manually and I can
> read/write it. I added this line to /etc/fstab in order to mount the
> drive at boot time:
> /dev/sdc1       /archive        ext3    defaults        0       3
> Upon reboot, I got an error at the console re: fsck not finding a valid
> filesystem. But when I exit the maintenance shell and continue booting,
> the drive mounts as specified and "fsck /dev/sdc1" reports clean.
> Are the USB drivers not loading in time? I tried changing the "pass"
> value in column 6 of /etc/fstab to 0. This had the desired effect of
> skipping the fsck checks, but the drive did not automount either.
> Has anyone else out there encountered this problem with mounting USB
> drives at boot?

Stock Debian binary kernel or home-rolled?

> Also, does anyone have any hints for recovering all of the startup
> console messages after boot? I get a lot out of "dmesg" and
> "/var/log/kern.log", but some messages are missing. For example, the
> fsck messages. Are they being wiped out by messages from higher/other
> run levels?
> Also, the box stalled during POST after reboot, which I found
> remarkable. Is it possible the USB drive has introduced an interrupt
> problem?

Well that's Bad.  Just one time?

> Whoa, that's three issues in one message. ;-)

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