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Re: Mailman and postfix (debian etch)

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In article <9wo3L-NK-9@gated-at.bofh.it>, Márcio Luciano Donada wrote:
> Hi,
> Now I have the mail server using debian etch with postfix. This same
> server have installed mailman and I have noticed that many times the
> mailman take long to deliver messages, sometimes even more than an
> hour. I wonder what you have when using the same e-mail server has the
> mailman to manage mailing lists.

Messages shoot through my Etch+Mailman+Postfix in a
few seconds.  Dual-core Athlon, 8700 Bogomips.

Pick a few messages and follow their progress in your Mailman
and Postfix logs.

tail -f /var/log/mail.info
tail -f /home/mailman/logs/smtp (in another window)

The handoff from Mailman to Postfix should begin
within a few seconds of a new list posting.
If not, something is wrong.  Is qrunner running?  You should
see eight processes per Mailman 2.1 installation.
Does the set-GID wrapper mail/mailman execute with no error?
Does Mailman start smtp to Postfix right away?  Do the messages
pile up in /var/run/postfix/queue?  (postqueue -p | less)
Do they pile up in /home/mailman/qfiles or mailman/data?
Are there any "shunt" files?  Are there Python errors in
any of mailman/logs/*

Certain large domains throttle incoming
email.  Your Postfix will retry several times before delivering
one message to a few hundred Yahoo Mail users.  Earthlink
sometimes takes hours between accepting a message and
delivering it to a customer mailbox.  You may find the delay
is not on your system.


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