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On Dec 3, 2007 9:10 AM, Kent West <westk@acu.edu> wrote:
> Michael Pobega wrote:
> > ... sudo is in NO WAY a replacement for su.
> Three (possible) Ways that come to mind:
> 1. It's my understanding that sudo commands are logged, whereas su
> commands may not be. (This may be old or inaccurate information.)

I think the big issue with logging is in a multi-admin environment. If they
all have the root password, and someone breaks something or does
something bad, you don't know who actually did it. If they log in as
themselves and sudo it you know who did what.

> 2. There's the (very) slight psychological reminder that you're
> potentially doing dangerous things when you have to take the extra step
> of typing "sudo" before a command.

I have a normal user and an admin user (and no root). The admin user
is a member of some additional groups and is in the sudoes file. When
I su to the admin user, the prompt is cyan and uses # instead of $ and
I still have to use sudo and enter the password for the big stuff.

Michael, you said you use sudo for Wesnoth, but it seems to run fine
as a normal user for me. I am using 1.2.x on sid.

Kelly Clowers

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