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Re: emacs22 black text on white bg from menu but white text on black bg from console

El sáb, 01-12-2007 a las 14:55 +0200, Micha Feigin escribió:
> I have a strange setup issue.
> I removed my emacs settings to redo them so now there are no theme commands
> (clean .emacs). Now, when I open emacs from the menus or file manager (thunar)
> it comes up in a dark text on light background theme (not very readable with
> the match of fonts and colors), and when I open it from rxvt (or any other
> console) it comes up in light text on dark background (much better for my
> taste).
> What is the difference, and how do I make one of them my default instead of
> getting different behaviour?

By default, the X version of emacs uses black text in a white background
and the console version uses white text in a black background (I don't
what does it do if the console background is white).

When you run it from a menu or from the file manager, you're probably
running the X version. You can either install emacs22-nox to get rid of
the X version or you can read through 'info emacs' and find out what X
resources you need to touch in order to get the color combination you
want (I remember Emacs.background being for background, but don't know
about text).

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