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Re: random keystrokes ignored on console

El vie, 30-11-2007 a las 17:16 -0600, Owen Heisler escribió:
> On Thu, 2007.11.29 22:39, Owen Heisler wrote:
> > On Thu, 2007.11.29 21:32, Owen Heisler wrote:
> > > Sometimes, when I type in the console, about 40% of the keystrokes are ignored.  
> > > If I type (for example) "startx" and hit enter, I'll see "sart" or somesuch and 
> > > the command fails.  In that same case, typing "sttartxx" and enter probably 
> > > would have worked, with "startx" being run.  The enter key is also affected, so 
> > > maybe I'd have had to hit it twice.  This is frustrating, obviously.  This
> > >  - does not seem to be related to system temperature,
> > >  - does not happen in X,
> > >  - doesn't seem to be happening consistently,
> > >  - and affects logging in (username & password) too.
> > 
> > I fixed this by upgrading dbus from 1.0.2-1 to 1.1.1-3.
> Actually, this didn't fix the problem.  After the system is booted, there are 
> three dbus processes running: two 'dbus-daemon' and one 'dbus-launch'.  Killing 
> the 'dbus-launch' process fixes the problem (until the next reboot, of course).

dbus-launch is used to launch a program within a session bus instance.
Try checking the init scripts to see what program is being run, that
program may be the cause of the problem and not dbus itself.

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