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Re: Recommend good notes/calendar plugin/client/suites ?

David wrote:
Michael Yang wrote:
Hi All:

I'm on the lenny/sid, with xfce4 desktop.
I'd like have some useful plugins for my desktop, to write sticky notes, to schedule calendar events and TODO tasks. It could be always displayed on the screen and better to have option of auto-hide.

What are you recommendations?

If you look through the xfce listings in the aptitude interface, I seem to remember a sticky notes app.
It's not specifically under xfce, but it's called 'rhinotes'.
Do a search through the Debian package facility.

For the rest, Sunbird does all that.
And 'orage' is an xfce specific calender app.

How hard to you try to search for these?
I almost fell over them.


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