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Jerky Mouse


I installed the latest incarnation of Debian i386 (4.01R1) and X runs OK (with no manual fiddling - first time ever, whow). But one problem remains: My mouse (or rather mice, for I tried several), connected to a PS2 port run smoothly under Win2K and Knoppix 4 and 5. Unfortunately, they don't do so under Debian. Instead of gliding continuously over the screen they rather jump. So everything requiring a mouse, e.g., web browsing, drawing (tgif, xfig etc.) is almost impossible. Without going into detail here - mostly because I am completely lost - I would like to ask for general assistance: What might cause such behavior, where do I have to tamper with config files if necessary, and are there some sources on how to solve such problems, read: hardware works under other flavors, but behaves strangely under debian.

Thanks for any help.


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